Monday, June 26, 2006

New Varèse CD Club Releases

And while the new Varèse CDs are out, we can already hear the mumbling of soundtrack collectors complaining about them. Not popular enough, not A-list composers, "these are ok but what I really wanted was... (insert here the titles of your choice)". Even one of our co-workers sighed with utter disappointment, so after slapping him funny (twice), we are all really happy these are coming in. So while people keep on complaining, we just have to say: Get them while you can. These are all great efforts.

Bill Conti's Gloria, with a fantastic sax performance has been a favorite of some (although some others still cringle when they hear Conti's music), it's a nice work, full of thematic material.

Surely the one that will end up as being the best-seller of this bunch, Chris Young's An Unfinished Life is just a gorgeous work that was sadly replaced by a score ((admittedly good in its own right) by Debbie Lurie. This is one of those unique chances to listen to a composer sadly underrated, although he does have a certain following.

The War of the Roses/The Sandlot, are just two of David Newman's most enjoyable efforts, lighthearted (with a mean streak particularly on War of the Roses), deserving of many repeated listenings.

But surely, the icing on the cake, and the one expected not to do as well as the others is Alfi Kabiljo's Sky Bandits, a full symphonic excercise filled with melody and very rich moments. But who is this Alfi Kabiljo, you may ask? Born in 1935, the Croatian composer has been on the industry since 1965 and even studied under Randolph Matz, after quitting on Architecture. He has been awarded several times, including the Porin Lifetime Achievement Award. Alfi is quite unique in his music approach and you definitely should give this one a go.

Click on any CD cover to order from Varèse Sarabande.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today's Recommendation


Peter Weir's deeply felt, intelligent drama about a man who feels all his outlook in life and his reason of being meaningless after surviving a grueling plane crash, was heavily overlooked in its initial theatrical release. Sadly, the DVD also leaves a lot to be desired on a technical level (no extras, pan-and-scan image, mild sound) but the film is such an extraordinary journey you won't feel disappointed.

The acting is uniformly top-notch, with Jeff Bridges in probably his finest role ever and strong support from Rosie Perez and Isabella Rossellini. This is human drama at its best and powerfully moving, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

You can also get it on Amazon by clicking here or the image above.

New Soundtrack Releases This Week!

JUNE 27, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Elmer Bernstein has gone but he's definitely staying!

Perhaps the single most exciting film music news this week has to be FSM's long-awaited release of Elmer Bernstein's Filmmusic Collection. This massive 12-CD volume contains almost all of the late composer's series of recordings which he financed from his own pocket back in the 70's. This baby has quite a bunch of classic film scores by Bernstein, Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, Bernard Herrmann, Miklós Rozsa, Alfred Newman, Alex North, and Dimitri Tiomkin.

We really can't wait for it to arrive and you should definitely grab a copy this 2,000-copy limited release before the sharks at ebay start selling it at humongous prices. Sure, it's a pricey set ($200) but come on, this has to be the release of the year. This is yet another labor of love for Lukas Kendall & co, so the only thing we should say about this is, well done!

You can order you copy through Screen Archives by clicking here. (No, we are not getting any commission for that link, just fyi).

CSL goes the blog way!

Since we are mostly just a bunch of really opinionated people, we just thought it would be cool to start rambling like we usually do on the stuff that we care the most: Film, Music and often just Film Music. What in heavens will you find here? Mostly news and yes, more ramblings and useless data for people who actually cares about these things.

Oh, surely we won't forget to comment on some random piece of data that has nothing to do with Film or Film Music, so mostly we just hope folks can have a good time. So let the games begin!



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